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Synthetic Bucket Elevator Belts

We are offering our Synthetic Bucket Elevator Belts that are made using high quality raw materials to provide it strength and long life. This belt is designed to perform lifting work of heavy materials without incurring any spillage and waste. This elevator belt provides optimum elongation and is covered by a solid rubber mass which do not delaminate. Having high temperature resistant qualities, it can work for considerable long time even when exposed in bright sunlight. Also this belt has resistance to dew and moisture which makes it suitable for conveying wet materials also. Furthermore, it can be used with a number of machines like pulley, lifting machines, conveyors, etc.

Added features
  • This belt has high adhesion property in the fabrics present inside it which provides it an outstanding flexibility.
  • It is stretchable and do not breaks down under great work pressure ensuring that it can be used consistently under various circumstances.
  • From being completely fire-proof to corrosion-proof, it also is abrasive free and do not become wet when a wet material is conveyed in it.
  • This belt can withstand both small and heavy transportation making it suitable for handling bulky materials.