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Barricading Tape

The barricading tape that is offered by us has visible displaying feature on it to act as an advisory display or caution at any place. This tape is extremely light weighted and highly economical for any type of barricading. This is made of reusable polythene and can be tied, stapled, nailed, or glued at any place. This barricade tape is provided with enough length to completely cover a particular area and can be used at vivid places like construction sites, firefighting sites, traffic sites, etc for displaying warning or precautionary signs. Along with it, these tapes are available in various sizes, plain, printed and other forms.

Added features
  • This barricading tape is highly durable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Being water resistant, it can withstand any climatic change and can stick to both dry and wet surfaces.
  • It has high density and super strong fabrication which makes it free of unwanted stretching and tearing.
  • Customization can be done on this tape with the preferred text to be used by the customers on its surface.
  • This tape is made with two layers of decomposable plastic, giving it strength and also being eco-friendly.