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Caution Tape
Caution tape is a safety tape that comes in a stripe pattern and features bright colors to increase the visibility. The tape is used in locations that are dangerous or contain possible hazard, and it acts as a warning signal to passersby. 
Synthetic Bucket Elevator Belts
Synthetic bucket elevator belt is utilized in the conveying system to lift light weight to heavy material. The light in weight belt can resist water, heat, oil and high bolt tear. Its life is increase by making it stretch less. 
Road Safety Warning Tape
Warning tape, also called a caution tape or barricade tape, is used at locations to indicate potential hazard. The bright colored tape can easily attract the passersby and give them a warning of potential danger or restricted entry. 
Barricading Tape
Barricading tape has a similar purpose that of warning or caution tape. It can be provided in different colors and warning messages, like caution, danger, do not enter, etc. It can be in yellow and black stripes, red or yellow color with black text. 

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